Ways to Get Free Diamonds in the Latest Free Fire 2021 Guaranteed Safe V11

Ways to Get Free Diamonds in the Latest Free Fire 2021 Guaranteed Safe V11


Ways to Get Free Diamonds in the Latest Free Fire 2021 Guaranteed Safe – By using the Free Fire diamond you can get various kinds of skins that you want. However, to get diamonds you have to do a top-up and spend money to buy them.

Even though for some FF players buying diamonds is one of the hardest things, especially for players who are still in school because they basically can’t make money themselves.

However, now you don’t have to bother because there are several ways you can do to get Free Fire diamonds for free. That way you can get the skin you want without having to spend money.

Therefore, in this opportunity, we will provide an overview of how to get free diamonds safely, without worrying that your account will be banned. So for more details, just take a look at the following reviews!

Using the Point Web Site

How to get free diamonds on Free Fire is to use a site called Web Points . By using the Poin Web site, you can collect points and then you can use these points to buy Free Fire diamonds.

To get points from this site, you only need to carry out missions that are easy and interesting, of course, such as filling out simple surveys, downloading and playing games, and several other interesting missions.

Not only getting coins, but you will also have the opportunity to get e-wallet balance vouchers. Interesting right? Because you only don’t need to cut your pocket money to buy FF diamonds.

Using a Money-Making Application

Apart from using the Poin Web site, you can also use several money-making applications such as Cash Tree, Cash Pop, or Whaff.

The concept used to get money from the three examples of applications above is the same as Web Points, that is, you only need to carry out missions such as playing games, watching videos, and so on.

Each mission you run has its own point value, and if the points have been collected, you can immediately exchange them for vouchers for online games.

Join Garena’s Free Diamond Event

Apart from using the two methods above, you can also take part in the events given by Garena as the publisher of the Free Fire game. Apart from providing interesting events, Garena also sometimes gives giveaways with prizes in the form of diamonds.

So that you don’t miss out on interesting events from Garena, you can always update the latest Free Fire events on Garena’s social media.

In fact, Garena often redeem Free Fire code which allows you to get various kinds of prizes for free, starting from skins, pets, and other items.

Frequently Joining Giveaway

Now there are lots of YouTubers and Free Fire influencers and it’s not uncommon among them that they also often give quite a lot of diamond giveaway.

Even though it is not 100% you can win because of course there are lots of people participating in the giveaway, but there is no harm in trying because you could be the winner.

Mengikuti Tournamen Free Fire

Now the last way you can try to get free FF diamonds is to take part in the Free Fire tournaments. You need to try this one method if you have decent playing skills and have confidence.

Because usually the tournament organizer will give prizes to the winners in the form of cash or diamonds. Apart from getting prizes, you can also use this opportunity to hone your skills in playing Free Fire.

So, there are several ways you can try to get diamonds for free without worrying about getting banned because the methods above are 100% safe and legal. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful and good luck.

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