Best Assassin Hero Recommendations in Mobile Legends VV31

Best Assassin Hero Recommendations in Mobile Legends VV31


Best Assassin Hero Recommendations in Mobile Legends – In the Mobile Legends game, each hero is differentiated based on the  role of each hero. There are six  roles in the Mobile Legends game, one of which is Assassin .

Assassin is a role hero who usually has the ability to finish off the opponent’s carry . Heroes with the Assassin role usually have high burst damage , have agile movements, but have quite low defense .

In Mobile Legends, there are many heroes with released Assassin roles . Of the many heroes with Assassin roles, of course there are some of the best Assassin heroes who are very suitable to be included in the meta now.

Then what are the best Assassin heroes for now? Now on this occasion you will provide a review of the five best Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends 2021. So without further ado, just take a look at the following reviews.

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Nataliah is an Assassin hero who has a passive skill that makes him invisible after going into the bush for two seconds. This ability makes it very easy for you to finish off the carry heroes easily.

Not only that, Natalia’s second skill (Smoke Bomb) also makes her immune to every basic attack , attack speed increases, and the enemy will get a slow effect .

That’s why Natalia is one of the best heroes today where meta hyper carry is still frequently used. So that it will be an advantage for your team if you can finish off your opponent’s hyper carry continuously.


Helcurt is also one of the best Assassins because of his ability to silence opponents thanks to his passive skills. If the opponent is silenced , they will not be able to use the skills they have for a while.

In addition, the damage generated from Helcurt’s two skills, Deadly Stinger, also has enormous burst damage . Then Helcurt also has the ultimate skill (Dark Night Falls) which can reduce the opponent’s vision or visibility for a while.

By using the right combination of skills, you will be able to finish off your opponent very easily.


The best Assassin Hero in Mobile Legends which is next is Gusion. Gusion is one of the agile heroes who has a very large burst of damage because the one skill and two gusion skills, namely Shadow Spike and Shadowblade Slaughter, you can use 2 times when you use his ultimate skill .

However, to use Gusion you must have the speed of your hands in pressing each skill that is owned by him so that the combo can run as you wish and can produce large burst damage .


Ling is one of the special heroes because of his unique abilities compared to other heroes. Ling can walk on the wall and move from one wall to another using the only skill (Finch Poise).

This advantage is what makes Ling able to roam very quickly and can easily catch up with the opponent’s carry .

Not only that, Ling can also inflict enormous damage , making it very easy for him to finish off his opponents.


The last best Assassin Hero in Mobile Legends is Benedetta. Benedetta also has a special ability that makes her very agile, making it difficult to lift or be ranked .

Benedetta has An Eye For An Eye which makes Benedetta immune to all attacks and crowd control effects in any form for 0.8 seconds. And all of Benedetta’s abilities were followed by enormous damage.

So, those are the five best Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends 2021 that you need to try to carry your team to victory. So good luck guys!

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